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Custom wheel center caps are available from retailers that specialize in custom printing, such as Upstream Center Caps, eDecals.com and 3D Car Stickers. Upstream Center Caps sells caps with custom logo designs; eDecals.com and 3D Car Stickers sell custom printed sticker...


A wheel center cap is a decorative piece that covers the center of an automobile wheel and helps keep dirt away from the wheel bearings and the axle. Depending on the model, a wheel cap covers the lug nuts if the lug nuts are not part of the design.


Custom wheel caps are available through services like Upstream Center Caps. The center of the wheel cap can be customized with any design.


Custom decal stickers are vinyl adhesive stickers that are placed on a vehicle and contain customized text, such as a business name, phone number or racing number. Custom decal stickers may be placed on either vehicle doors or windows, depending on the type of vinyl.


Having thoroughly cleaned and dried the specified window area, gently rub the design under the transfer paper to ensure the window decal is ready to transfer. While removing the wax backing from the decal, use a plastic card to secure the sticker from top to bottom unti...


Several websites offer custom vinyl decals and stickers for automobiles. Prices and designs vary by retailer and shoppers can order things like Greek fraternity and sorority stickers, landscapes, native American symbols, or create one of their own design.


As of 2015, some ways to get custom decals for a recreational vehicle include ordering them from a sign company, such as FastSigns.com, or ordering them from a graphics website, such as GraphicsRV.com. Both of these types of companies offer sales and orders online.