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Customers are the lifeblood of a business, as a company cannot generate revenue and earn a profit without customers. In addition to attracting customers through marketing, companies place emphasis on retaining core customers and garnering customer loyalty in competitive industries. Loyal customers c


Web developers use various programming and hypertext languages to build websites. The top languages in demand for Web developers are Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and PHP, as of 2015. The skills of a Web developer go beyond just programming. A good Web developer also has good communication skills.


In order to become a web developer, an individual needs to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in web design. Before pursuing jobs, developers should also have knowledge of graphic design and computer programming.


Some companies that are known for exceptional customer service include Zappos, Trader Joe's and the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Providing exceptional customer service means happy customers. Happy customers mean repeat business and potentially more customers due to positive word-of-mouth feedback.


Companies that do a good job protecting their customers' information include Google, Microsoft and Apple, as reported by Computer Weekly. Yahoo, Twitter, Sonic, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Facebook also earn high scores for data protection and privacy as of 2015.


Company procedures are important to good customer service because they provide consistency in the way company staff handles customer issues. To ensure that the customer service staff is prepared to successfully address these concerns, a company should provide proper training and manuals for employee


Companies that provide access to free Web servers include Webs.com, Weebly.com, AwardSpace.com and Wordpres.com, as of 2015. Each site allows users to create an account and gain access to tools that allow for the creation of a website without requirements to pay monthly or annual hosting fees, in ex


Companies that offer free web hosting include AwardSpace.com, Weebly.com, Webs.com and Wordpress.com, as of 2015. Each site provides a different set of features to users, including site design options or social sharing tools, along with various paid upgrades. In most cases, free web hosting features


Companies that offer customized power supply solutions include Siemens and Excelsys Technologies. Also known as electric power converters, power supplies are devices that supply power to electrical loads such as desktop computers and consumer electronics. Power supplies may need to be customized to


Banners.com, The-Flag-Makers.com and BestCustomFlags.com are some online companies that make custom flags as of 2015. NorthStarFlag.com is another company that specializes in making custom flags for business and recreational purposes.