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To iron dress pants, fold the pants in half so the seams align, and then iron the inner legs before the front of the legs. You need a steam iron with a burst setting.


Taking in pants can be done fairly easily with a seam ripper and a sewing machine. Measure the pants carefully before you begin altering them, since it's difficult to undo a mistake.


Hem dress pants by removing the old hem, folding the edge of the fabric under 1/2 inch and ironing the fold in place. Then try the pants on, and mark the proper length by pinning the hem in place. Iron the new hem, and sew it with a straight stitch.


High-water pants are slacks with a length that sits above the ankle. They are also called "flood pants" or "flooders." The name comes from their being so high that the hem is protected from getting wet even in flood waters.


Pants sizing varies from one designer to another, but most base the sizing on waist, hips and inseam measurements. When shopping for pants online or in a store, it is best to know these measurements to compare them to the store's sizing chart.


To properly cuff men's dress pants, turn up the hem and sew it into place. Make sure the fabric is neatly folded and lies flat.


Dogs pant to show thirst, excitement, pain, fear or a reaction to heat. Panting is normal for dogs in all of these situations, but heavy, continuous panting may be a sign of heat exhaustion, illness or dehydration.


Whether or not leggings are pants depends on the thickness of the fabric, how they are worn and the person wearing them. Some leggings are very thin and more similar to tights than pants, while thicker leggings are sometimes as opaque as pants.


Cats normally pant to lower their body temperature when they are overheated. Cats can also pant as a response to fear, anxiety, stress or medical conditions such as a respiratory or cardiovascular disorder.


Men's dress pants should be hemmed so they "break," or crease very slightly, just above the top of the shoe, covering the shoe tops. The back of the hemline should come down to the sole of the shoe.