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To carbon copy a letter today, simply note cc: below the final signature line with a list of other letter recipients, then print out multiple copies of the letter and send a copy to each listed recipient. For a blind carbon copy, do not list the additional recipients.


A free, simple will form is available at AllLaw.com, according to AllLaw. The form is basic and only uses boilerplate language, and it appears on the website for educational purposes only. LawDepot.com offers free will forms customizable by state, states LawDepot. The individual selects the state in


The main difference between carbon-12 and carbon-14 is the number of neutrons present in each compound. Carbon-12 has six neutrons, while carbon-14 has eight neutrons, explains About.com. The differing number of neutrons is responsible for numerous differences between the two compounds.


The term "carbonates" is used to refer to the minerals and salts of the polyatomic anion with the formula CO32-. The ion's structure consists of three oxygen atoms surrounding a carbon atom. Calcium carbonate and sodium carbonate are examples of more commonly known carbonates.


Carbon is a good lubricant, and it is the key component of steel. Carbon is also used as a decorative tool in jewelry items. It is more commonly used as a base for ink, such as that found in inkjet printers.


Carbon is important because most living creatures on Earth are composed of carbon, according to The State University of New Jersey website. Living things need carbon to grow, live and reproduce.


Each carbon atom forms four chemical bonds. Carbon most commonly forms covalent bonds, which are two atoms sharing electrons, but also sometimes forms ionic bonds found in compounds, such as calcium carbide.


Two easy ways to create custom order forms are editing an Excel or Word template and using a form creator tool. Several websites, including TidyForms.com and BusinessFormTemplate.com, offer editable order form templates for free. Many of these are available as editable Word, Excel or PDF files. Alte


According to the University of Bristol School of Chemistry, carbon atoms form many different types of compounds because each atom can form strong bonds with up to four other atoms. This allows the element to create a diverse array of molecules. This structural feature of carbon imparts several commo


Carbon forms a covalent bond. Such a bond occurs between two or more atoms of non-metals when they share electrons between them so that each atom has a full configuration of eight valence electrons.