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Benzy and CCI are two examples of brands producing alloy wheel center caps. Replacement center caps come in handy when trying to replace broken or worn out original caps. CCI's center caps are either ABS, brushed aluminum or polished stainless steel.


To properly install aftermarket wheel center caps, first remove the existing hubcap. Position the cap so its bent section curves around the air valve. Align the metal rings on the aftermarket cap with the mounting legs on the wheel. Start at the top of the wheel and, working clockwise, firmly push t


Specialist retailers that sell center caps for chrome rims include Wheels and Caps, CenterCapsDirect.com and RimCenterCap.com, as of 2016. Additional sources for chrome rim center caps include AutoAmenity.com and SummitRacing.com.


Drain caps cover the open end of a drain pipe. Some have a threaded insert that plumbers remove to clean out the line when debris or roots plug it. However, the caps are also useful when plans include the extension of the line.


Column caps, or capitals, are architectural elements found at the upper end of columns. Popular styles of column caps include Doric, Corinthian, Ionic and Tuscan.


The function of the root cap is to cover and protect the cells at the end of the root of a plant. It also assists in growth, as it secretes a lubricant that enables better movement through the soil. The lubricant secreted is a glycoprotein mucilage.


Cap rate is short for capitalization rate and is a rate of return on real estate that is purchased as investment property. The cap rate is based on the amount of income that an investment property is expected to generate and is used to estimate an investor's return on investment.


A cap is an award given to a soccer player who represents his country in international matches. Each time a player participates in an international match, he is "capped."


The distributor cap firing order defines the order in which the wires from the distributor cap need to be attached to the cylinders of a vehicle's engine to achieve the correct firing order. Different manufacturers and engines use different firing orders, and connecting the wires incorrectly may cau


A bad radiator cap can cause the coolant to boil over from the reservoir or the engine to overheat. The cap is an integral piece of an engine's cooling system as it retains the coolant´s pressure.