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Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Vegan ... This recipe makes the absolute best Bread Pudding on earth! ... More custard than bread pudding but full of yummy old fashioned goodness. I will be making this again and again. Thanks. Read more. animal lover


I added a teaspoon of vanilla, and substituted cinnamon raisin bread for the regular bread, then reduced the raisins and left out the cinnamon. Everyone liked it. Didn't really taste much like custard though...just a pretty good bread pudding.


Bread pudding has long been a favorite comfort food, and it's a fantastic way to use day-old bread. This bread pudding recipe tastes like a classic egg custard with dense, satisfying bread pudding texture. Add some raisins to the mixture if you'd like, or make it with currants or another kind of chopped dried fruit.


Easy Bread Pudding is one of our favorite dessert recipes.. This delicious dish is just like Grandma used to make, the perfect bread pudding with simple classic flavors. We add in raisins (or pecans) and top with a little bit of ice cream and caramel for the perfect end to any meal!


In a small bowl, combine raisins in rum and soak for at least 2 hours. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly coat a 10 by 3-inch round baking dish or 2-quart souffle dish with vegetable cooking spray.


Bread Pudding with Vanilla Custard Sauce – how to make bread pudding with a delicious bread pudding sauce worthy of any celebration! This easy bread pudding recipe is what dreams are made of. A Perfected Bread Pudding Recipe. Today is my dad’s birthday and we are celebrating with his favorite dessert – Bread Pudding with Vanilla Custard ...


This bread pudding recipe was easy to prepare and tasted scrumptious. I also drained a can of mixed fruit and mixed that in along with the raisins to make it extra special. Also, vanilla pudding is a great topping for it:)


Relevance Popular Quick & Easy. Custard Bread Pudding Recipes 3,177 Recipes. Last updated Jul 14, 2019. 3,177 suggested recipes. Mint Pudding L'Antro dell'Alchimista. sugar, mint syrup, ricotta cheese, water, biscuits, pudding mix and 1 more . Blueberry Muffins Sobre Dulce y Salado.


Sweet bread pudding is where leftover stale bread gets a second chance at greatness. It’s possible you’ve only ever had this dish of warm, custard-soaked bread at fancy restaurants, but I firmly believe that bread pudding needs to be made more often at home. It is basically an upgraded French ...


Let’s make the caramel sauce for custard pudding. Coat the inner surface of the custard cups with unsalted butter. This will make it easy to remove the pudding from the cups.