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Curtain drains are actually nothing more than French drains that are dug to a shallow depth. A curtain drain is excellent for diverting water around a house, and is usually about 2 feet deep and 1.5 feet wide. Typically, a curtain drain is dug horizontally and is placed uphill from the area to be dried out.


French drain vs Curtain Drain Frontier Basements Systems. ... curtain drain, french drain, ... Why Gravel French Drains are Better with Corrugated pipe and Geo-textile Fabric - Duration: ...


The curtain drain works on the same basic principle as a French drain but instead of being placed deeply in the ground it is placed near the surface of the ground. An excellent article regarding curtain drains can be found on the Fine Home Building WEB site HERE. As you can see a properly installed curtain drain will leave a visible indication ...


Curtain drain VS French Drain. Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 by Brittney Griffy . Curtain drain is at ground level. French drain is at the bottom of footer. If you are having problems with Water shed. Water running down hill on top of ground. Ditch or curtain drain may be an option. A true curtain drain should be 2x2 full of gravel.


Curtain Drain. Curtain drains essentially do the same thing that french drains do- get rid of the water. The main difference is that french drains deal more with groundwater while curtain drains have more to do with surface water. Curtain drains are built in a very similar way to french drains but are dug to a shallow depth.


A French drain, sometimes called a curtain drain, is a simple system with no moving parts -- gravity removes excess water from problem areas in your yard. Give gravity a chance to do its job by making sure your French drain design has the proper slope from beginning to end.


EZ-DRAIN From The Home Depot vs Stone French Drain Part 1 of 3 EZ-Drain versus an all stone French drain. I’m going to do a quick review on that so that people know what to expect out of the NDS EZ-Drain product. Now as you can see, this is bought by the way at The […]


French drain, of which a curtain drain is one type, is a simple structure that can go a long way toward drying out a leaky basement. French DrainsA French drain, named for Henry French, an early advocate of the structure, is a landscape drain comprised of a sloped trench filled with gravel that directs water away from an undesirable


A good French Drain is Perforated Pipe Surrounded by gravel. It collects Subsurface water from low spots in the yard or under your crawlspace. ... Yard Drain, Gravel Drain, Curtain Drain, Storm ...


French Drain Vs. Curtain Drain | Hunker. French drains and curtain drains basically drain water away from an area. French Drain Gardening Vegetables Pond Water Features Cool Landscapes Control Irrigation Hiking Boots Weed Landscaping. More information. Article by.