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The world record for walleye was registered at 22 pounds 11 ounces. It was caught in 1982 during a fishing tournament on Greer's Ferry Lake in Arkansas. Al Nelson of Higden, Arkansas caught the record breaking walleye during a fishing tournament sponsored by Pepsi-Cola and Fairfield Bay.


Harper Walleye has been Reinstated as the World Record. That just tells me the guys at the IGFA smoke a lot of crack. In 1960, Mabry Harper claimed to have caught a 25-pound Walleye in Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee. Like most old records, all he needed was a fishing buddy to confirm the record and it went into the books.


Normally, world fishing records are broken by onces or maybe a couple of pounds. Never before has a fish eclipsed an old record by nearly double. But due to a technicality, the old walleye record of 25 pounds will stand. Because walleye are freshwater fish, walleye records are only registered for freshwater catches.


The current all-tackle world record for a walleye is held by Mabry Harper, who caught an 11.34-kg (25-lb) walleye in Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee on August 2, 1960. Cultural aspects. Large walleye statue at Lake Mille Lacs in Garrison, Minnesota.


Massive walleye catch sets record, but how long will it last? ... walleye after a chaotic fight in a strong current. ... lists as the all-tackle world record a 25-pound walleye caught from Old ...


The current world record walleye is 25 pounds and was caught in Tennessee in 1960. This walleye is not nearly as big. Walleye is the state fish of Minnesota, South Dakota, Ohio and Vermont. Before and after breeding season is the easiest time to hook a walleye. They are active, present in large numbers, and hungry.


Fishing For Walleye Columbia River Walleye Fishing enthusiasts agree that the next world record Walleye will come out of the Columbia River. Fish are regularly being caught in the 15lb range with occasional fish close to 20olb. Walleye are perfectly suited for the Columbia Rivers fast current and silty waters.


Last year, state records were set for channel catfish (35-3) and freshwater drum (36-0). To compare, the current world-record walleye weighed 25-0 (Old Hickory Lake, Tenn., 1960); the world-record black crappie weighed 5-0 (Missouri private lake, 2006), according to International Game Fish Association data.


While fishing the Columbia River last week a Washington angler landed a 20-pound, 5-ounce walleye to break the previous state record. Wildlife officials were quick to confirm the catch. A walleye weighing more than 20 pounds hasn't been caught in the U.S. since 1988. John Grubenhoff rushed home from work on Friday afternoon to squeeze in a few hours of fishing before dark, according to the ...


Newly Discorvered Documentation Supporting the Harper Walleye. Among the additional evidence that has been discovered supporting Harper’s 25 pound world record walleye are two quality photographs of Harper’s wife holding his fish and another photograph of the walleye’s head (after it had been cleaned) with a ruler on top of it.