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A trend in mathematics is a pattern in a set of data points. Knowing the trend allows outcomes to be predicted by a mathematical model. Estimating the trend of data requires a technique known as regression or curve fitting.


Among the many trends in computing technology in 2014 unveiled at the International CES were wearable computing devices, 3-D printing and the "Internet of Things." Numerous predictive articles in technology venues also anticipated an expansion of cloud computing and its...


Food trends evolve from one year to the next, but some current ones as of 2014 include casual sharing plates, various types of tacos, chicken thighs and Southern cuisine. Other trends to look for include savory pancakes and oysters as part of composed hot dishes.


In mathematics, the term "growing pattern" refers to a geometric structure or an arithmetic sequence that expands through the addition of an element to the pattern. A type of growing pattern, called a "linear growing pattern," increments or decrements by a constant diff...


Indices are a mathematical concept for expressing very large numbers. They are also known as powers or exponents. In the mathematical process of exponentiation, a base number is written alongside a superscript number, which is the index or exponent.


A number story is a short story that illustrates a math equation, making it easier for young students to understand the equation involved. For example, the equation 5+2=7 can be told as a story about five birds sitting on a tree that were joined by two more birds.


A mathematical concept is a general idea behind an equation, problem or formula in math. In contrast to a math fact, which must be committed to memory, a math concept explains why math works in a certain way.