The websites of Monex Precious Metals, BullionVault and Gold Price show the live spot price of gold per ounce. On Sept. 16, 2015, the price of one ounce of gold closed at $1,120. More »

The price of silver in U.S. dollars, as of October 2015, is approximately $15.80 per ounce, according to Silver is an extremely volatile commodities asset that is traded at a high volume in stock markets... More »

The price of silver and gold is determined by the current spot price per troy ounce set by the world’s major markets. Due to the forces of the international market, this spot price fluctuates throughout the day whenever ... More » Business & Finance Investing

You can quickly determine the daily price of gold per ounce by visiting This site provides a variety information about the value of gold including its current price as of the close of business an... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems

Turquoise prices per ounce vary based on availability, carat, quality, grade and rarity. One carat of turquoise is equal to .007 ounces and is priced by grade and carat. More »

To get an accurate value appraisal of a 1978 South African gold Krugerrand, as of 2015, a person needs only to look up the current spot price of gold and multiply this by the size of the coin. Websites such as More »

GoldPaq, GoldKit and Cash4Gold are some of the companies that buy gold by the ounce through the mail. In addition to these national companies, most urban areas have local pawn shops and agents that specialize in buying g... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems