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Characteristics of a non-fiction text includes the presence of a table of contents, headings, captions, diagrams, charts, graphs, a glossary and an index. Additionally, the subjects of non-fiction are real and not imagined or made up, as the subjects in fiction are.


Contemporary fiction can be defined as literature written by authors who refuse to reside within literary boundaries, choosing to reflect the realities, insanities, absurdities, ironies, comedies and contradictions present in post-globalization human cultures. It is a flexible term that does not set


Truth or Fiction is a website founded and managed by Rich Buhler, president of Branches Communication, in 1999. The website covers a wide variety of topics and sorts fact from fiction.


Examples of some of the best science fiction books of all time include "The Fountain Trilogy" by Isaac Asimov and "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. These books are at the top of National Public Radio's list of Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels.


Realistic fiction is fiction that uses imagined characters in situations that either actually happened in real life or are very likely to happen. It further extends to characters reacting in realistic ways to real-life type situations. The definition is sometimes combined with contemporary realism,


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A work of fiction comes from the imagination, while nonfiction work is based on facts. A fictitious story may be based on real events or people and may contain certain facts, but if the overall work is made up, then it is considered fiction.


The seven elements of fiction include character, theme, plot, point of view, setting, conflict and tone. All of these elements are used to compile and write a fictional story or a piece of literature.


The top-selling British mystery authors in the United States are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, John Le Carré, Wilkie Collins and Agatha Christie, as of 2015. These are the all-time best-sellers, based on copies sold over the lifetime of their works.


Modern models of climate change are grounded in observable evidence and reasonable inference, so they can be regarded as factual. Global warming happens when sunlight warms the Earth's surface and causes it to radiate heat back up into the atmosphere. That heat is then trapped by several known gases