The formula used to calculate "case cube" is length times width times height, or l * w * h. It does not matter in which order these measurements are multiplied as the same answer will be obtained. More »

The formula for the surface area of a cube is 6 * a2, where "a" is equal to the length of any of the sides. The volume can be calculated with the formula a3, where "a" is again equal to the length of a side. More » Math Geometry Shapes

To find the cube root of a number, find all of the number’s prime factors. A cube root is a number that, when cubed, gives the original number. If there are exactly three prime factors that are all the same, the number i... More » Math Algebra

The common formula to find the area of an isosceles triangle is area equals 1/2 * base * height of triangle. The height is the line bisecting the two equal sides of the triangle and intersects the midpoint of the base. More »

A rectangular prism's formula is given as length (l) multiplied by the width (w) and height (h), or with the formula V = l * w * h. A rectangular prism is a three-dimensional figure that has six rectangular faces, and al... More » Math Geometry Shapes

The volume of a pipe is found by multiplying pi by the height by the radius squared. This is the common equation for a cylinder. More »

To calculate your ideal weight, first measure your height. An average to medium built woman over 21 years old who is 5 feet tall has an ideal weight of 100 pounds. An average to medium built man over 21 years of age who ... More » Math Math Calculators