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Cuba is a country. Cuba has been functioning as a fully independent country since 1902. Cuba was overseen by the United States for a few years after Cuba's independence from Spain was declared in 1898.


Cuba is an island that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean approximately 93 miles south of Key West, Florida. It is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. Some of its neighbors include the Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica and the Bahamas.


Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba as long as they are part of a tour group that has been approved by the U.S. State Department. Approved tour companies are those that encourage “people to people” contact and focus on fostering cultural understanding among tourists.


As of July, 2014, the population of Cuba was 11,047,251. Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country is considered part of Central American, but is only approximately 93 miles south of Florida's southern tip.


As of September 2017, Americans cannot travel to Cuba due to attacks on employees working at the United States Embassy in Cuba, which have caused the employees considerable injuries as a result. Due to the nature of the attacks and the perceived threat to the American public, the U.S. Department of


The capital of Cuba, a Caribbean island located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, is Havana. Apart from being the center of attraction of Cuba, it is also the second largest city in the Caribbean.


The climate of Cuba is defined as semitropical or temperate, according to Encyclopedia of the Nations. The country's average low temperature throughout the year is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average high temperature is 81 degrees Fahrenheit.


Cuba is on the continent of North America. Cuba is less than 100 miles away from the United States and 130 miles from Mexico. The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are also in close proximity to Cuba.


The nation of Cuba, which includes its many archipelagos, is located on the continent of North America, the northern part of the Americas. The nation lies in close proximity to the United States, but it is very distant politically.


According to Deutsche Welle, reformed travel regulations introduced in early 2013 allow Cubans to travel with only a passport and a visa from the destination country. The source notes, however, that the Cuban Communist Party is able to deny applicants a passport for a wide range of stated reasons.