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Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas departs Port Everglades, Florida. As the ship powers through the narrow inlet, it sucks the water out of the tidal areas nearby.


Cruise ships also have bulkheads which can help them stay afloat in case of major damage. These watertight dividers are installed throughout the interior of a ship and can be closed to seal out water rushing in through a damaged hull.


9 Things You Don't Know About Your Cruise Ship Cabin ... The tap water on cruise ships is completely safe and drinkable, having been through rigorous filtration and testing, all of which are ...


The world's largest cruise ship departed from Turku, Finland, on Oct. 30 en route to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where it will make its U.S. debut. Credit: Oasis of the Seas. The world's largest cruise ...


WaterWorks. Wanna splish — and splash — the day away? Head on over to WaterWorks, Carnival's onboard waterpark. First up, there's the Twister Waterslide, hundreds of feet of spiraling awesomeness that starts you off high in the air and gets you down low with one of the fastest, wettest rides you'll find anywhere.


The average cruise ship with 3,000 passengers and crew generates about 30,000 gallons of human waste and 255,000 gallons of non-sewage gray water every day. Cruise ships are allowed to release treated sewage almost anywhere they sail. They are also permitted to release untreated


The hull, or body of the ship below the main deck, is typically very wide and has a deep base line, or bottom. Large ships such as freighters, naval vessels and transport and cruise ships commonly utilize displacement hulls, or hulls that push water out of the way, to stay afloat.


Cruise ship out of water. The first cruise line to have five women known as the leading ladies redesign its staterooms. Take a caribbean cruise or transatlantic cruise on our newest ship norwegian escape. Young or old the pirate cruise has something for everyone.


'IT WAS LIKE THE TITANIC' Viking Cruise survivors describe hell of ship flooding with water and passengers left bloodied after liner lost all power during rough seas


5 AMAZING Ship Launch Videos ... the ship enters the water broadside. The third method is float-out, used for ships that are built in basins or dry docks and then floated by admitting water into ...