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A test result showing a CRP level greater than 10 mg/L is a sign of serious infection, trauma or chronic disease, which likely will require further testing to determine the cause. If you're having an hs-CRP test to evaluate your risk of heart disease, current risk levels used include: Lower risk.


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C-reactive protein is measured in milligrams of CRP per liter of blood (mg/L). In general, a low C-reactive protein level is better than a high one, because it indicates less inflammation in the body.


My CRP level is greater than 10 and ESR is 65? What can be the cause for such high levels?-CRP ESR incresed level are suggestive chronic inflamma...


Unfortunately, the big picture is a little more complicated. For high sensitivity assays of CRP or “hsCRP,” we say that less than 1 mg/L is low risk, 1 to 3 mg/L is moderate risk, and greater than 3 mg/L is high risk—that's simple enough. But the continuum extends beyond that.


A CRP blood test result of 34.5 is significantly high. Test results greater than 10 mg/L are normally a sign of a serious infection, trauma or disease, and likely require more extensive testing to root the exact cause, according to Mayo Clinic.


C-reactive protein is made by the liver. Elevated CRP in your blood indicates that you have inflammation or bacterial infection. ... CRP in a healthy person is usually less than 10 milligrams per ...


In breast cancer, a CRP level of greater than 10 mg/L, compared with a level of less than 1 mg/L,predicted 36: A 96% greater risk of dying from any cause, A 91% greater risk of dying from breast cancer specifically, and ; A 69% greater risk of having additional breast cancer-related events.


Quantitative measurement of C-reactive protein (CRP) in serum has been proposed as a sensitive and, for some populations, a specific indicator of infection. ... If the CRP concentration in serum is greater than 10 mg/dl and if other causes of marked elevations of CRP levels are eliminated, CRP concentration in serum may be a relatively specific ...


The median baseline level of CRP for young adults is 0.8 mg/L (90th percentile is 3.0 mg/L). and the 99th centile is 10 mg/l, but, CRP levels may increase from less than 50 μg/l to more than 500 mg/l, that is, 10,000-fold following an acute-phase reaction.