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Cross-connections’ Contamination Woes. By Robert W. Powitz, Ph.D., MPH, RS, CFSP. In all the years I worked as a regulatory sanitarian, I cannot recall many instances where I did not find some violation of the plumbing system’s installation during my inspections, principally cross-connections of one type or another.


The Cross-Connection Control Program. is responsible for inspecting existing buildings for un-protected or improperly protected cross-connections. WSSC currently has eight full time inspectors canvassing the service area on the established priority basis.


nated food products, industrial and chemical products rendered useless are some of the conse-quences of such connections. As a result, many hours and dollars are lost due to cross connections. Where are Cross Connections Found? Cross connections are found in all plumbing systems. It is important that each cross connection be identified and


TYPICAL RETAIL FOOD SERVICE CROSS-CONNECTIONS NOTE: When evaluating the potential plumbing hazards for each fixture, there may be more than one type of backflow assembly or device that can be installed to protect a cross-connection (even if it exceeds minimum requirements to meet the hazard). In lieu of an air gap, is a cross-connection subject to


Cross-Connections A cross-connection is a link between the potable water supply and contaminated water (e.g. sewage, chemicals, recycled water). Cross-connections are caused by problems in the design or repair of the plumbing system or by workers who unknowingly create temporary, hazardous situations.


Water Quality: Cross Connection Control Program. The cross-connection control program protects the integrity of the city’s drinking water by making sure that there are no connections between the potable water distribution system and other water pipes, storage tanks or other non-potable water sources.


Cross-connection Physical link through which contaminants from drains, sewers, or other wastewater sources can enter a drinkable water supply. A hose connected to a faucet and submerged in a mop bucket is an example. Cross-contact The transfer of an allergen from a food containing an allergen to a food that does not contain the allergen.


Learn how to keep a cross connection problem from creating a hazard for drinking water in your home, and the city of West Allis.


Start studying ServSafe. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ... Cross-Connection. What is the intended use for a hand antiseptic? ... Which agency enforces food safety in a food service operation? State or local regulatory authority.


Servsafe Chapters 10-14. STUDY. PLAY. A well designed facility has what features - Good workflow - Reduction of cross-contamination - Accessibility for cleaning. A good workflow should keep food out of the _____ as much as possible and limit the number of times food is handled. ... A cross-connection is a physical link betwen _____ water and ...