As of 2015, the CSI Academy of Florida offers classes in crime scene photography, and the University of California Riverside offers a course in crime scene photography as part of its crime scene investigator certificatio... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Crime scene photography, or forensic photography, is a field of photography that deals with photographing crime scenes, corpses and evidences, according to ExploreForensics. The photos are documented for use in investiga... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

The National Institute of Decontamination Specialists, Aftermath and Amdecon all offer crime scene cleanup training for private or business needs. The NIDS and Amdecon also provide specialized cleanup training in the are... More »

Career options for ex-police officers include loss-prevention specialist, crime scene investigator and private investigator. These options are especially good for ex-police officers with many wage-earning years left or w... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

The average salary for a crime scene investigator is approximately $52,000 to $57,000 per year. However, crime scene investigator salaries vary significantly based on geographic region. More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

Some universities, including the University of Southern Indiana and the University of California campuses at Riverside and San Diego, offer courses to prepare individuals for case management certification. Organizations ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

While no specific certifications or qualifications are required to take forensic crime scene photos, typically crime scene photographers hold at least an associate degree in a field such as photography or forensic scienc... More » Government & Politics Crime