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From Stalin execution mug shots to 19th century crime scene images, photography and criminal investigation have gone hand-in-hand for over a hundred years.


Crime scene investigation has spawned plenty of hit TV shows, but it’s the shocking real-life cases that have really captivated the public over the years. Some of the most shocking investigations have involved Hollywood stars. Other tragic crimes have made martyrs of the innocent victims — while certain murderers have found their own sick celebrity after their homicidal rampages.


Crime scene photography, like any other form of 'once-in-a-lifetime' photography has to be done right the first time. There is no room for errors, for guessing or omissions. It is imperative that the crime scene is recorded accurately on film in the first instance, because it will be too late to go back later.


University of California (UC) Riverside Extension offers a crime scene photography course that can be completed as a standalone course or as a fulfillment of a crime scene investigation (CSI) certificate. The professional certificate in crime scene investigation program is a 23-unit course that teaches the basics of crime scene management ...


If the crime took place inside, overviews include photos of the outside of the building, its entrances and exits as well as images that place the building in relation to its surroundings. Photos of spectators at the scene can later help locate witnesses or suspects. Overviews also include images of all rooms, taken from overhead and from each corner.


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Crime Scene Reconstruction, Palm Springs, FL (Palm Springs Police Department) "Jan was an excellent instructor. Easy to understand." Forensic Fire Investigation Photography, Fredericton, NB (Fredericton Fire Department) "All three instructors were very knowledgeable and engaging. Good tie to real world experience.


Arrowhead Forensics serves crime scene investigators, latent print examiners, forensic nurses, property room technicians, educators, private investigators and crime laboratory personnel worldwide. Our product offering includes forensic kits such as sexual assault, blood alcohol/urine collection, DNA collection and GSR processing.


Crime Scene Photography - C.S.I. - Crime Scene Investigation - Photography - Monday, August 22, 2011. Crime Scene Investigation . Training Course Coming in September. The Field Evidence Technician Course from CA State University Long Beach is being offered again this September 12-23 in Costa Mesa CA. F.E.T is an excellent and comprehensive two ...


Crime scene processing is increasingly becoming a multi-disciplinary endeavor with the application of technologically advanced methods. Treatment of the initial crime scene is fundamental not only to the pursuit of offenders but also to the presentation of the prosecutor’s case once offenders have been apprehended.