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Forensic photography, also known as crime scene photography is the creation of visual records of accidents, crime scenes and the like for measurement, analysis, investigations and as a permissible evidence in the court of law.


Crime Scene and Evidence Photography, 2nd Ed may be purchased from the publisher at a 20% discount.Also available in a downloadable PDF version for only $24.95! The numbers on the scale must be large enough to be clearly seen in the photograph. Some investigators will use strings to determine the origin of bloodstain at a crime scene.


1- PPS6000 Reversible Photo Evidence Scales, 2 ea. 1- PPS101 Jumbo Reference Evidence Rule Tape, 1” x 30’ roll 1- PPS800 Forensic Scale, Black on White, 105mm x 105mm


This 40-hour Crime Scene Photography course teaches the techniques needed to successfully document evidence and scenes in a professional manner. The course begins with instruction of basic photographic techniques such as the mechanics of exposure, depth-of-field, and motion control.


Crime scene photography is a branch of the field of photography which is focused on taking accurate photographs of crime scenes and criminal evidence, so that these photographs can be used in the investigation of crimes and in the prosecution of criminal activity.Some police departments and law enforcement agencies retain professional crime scene photographers who have received special ...


Photography / Basic Evidence & Crime Scene. 3 Day Program. All photography sessions are developed for the client based on the photography equipment that the client uses on a day to day basis. Basic Evidence & Crime Scene Photography presents detailed instruction in fundamental photographic principles and exposure to useful photographic accessories.


Forensic Photography/Crime Scene Photography requires the careful documentation of the initial condition of a crime scene and every available and minute evidence. Here's all that you need to know the basics of forensic photography/ incident photography to collect evidence.


Still, the mug shot still endures, as does forensic crime-scene photography. A macabre genealogy stretches from Mme Debeinche to the reproductions of crime-scene photos that proliferate in true ...


This kit is used in our onsite Crime Scene Photography Class. CAM300 Kit Contents: 1- Nikon D7500 20MP Digital SLR Camera Body (shoots 4K video) 1- Nikon AF-S DX 18mm-140mm. 1- Nikon AF-S DX MICRO NIKKOR 60mm. 1- Nikon SB5000 AF Speedlight. 1- Nikon MCDC2 Remote. 1- PPS401 Vinyl Evidence Ruler, Gray, 10 ea. 1- PPS6000 Reversible Photo Evidence ...


Crime photography dates soon after the birth of photography, and Alphonse Bertillon developed the first methodical system for documenting a crime scene in 1903.