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The Rake is a story based on a creature created on the 4chan website and is about a paranormal humanoid creature that stalks and then attacks its victims. The version of The Rake posted on the Creepy Pasta website has a disclaimer that the poster is not the original author, but the story has been ta


One spooky Halloween saying from William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is, "Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble." Three witches speak these lines while gathered around a cauldron in a cave.


Various sellers on eBay.com offer Mattel's Creepy Crawlers toys, as of 2015. Mattel introduced Creepy Crawlers toy sets as part of its Thingmaker toy line in 1964 and continued manufacturing them into the 1970s.


So this is interesting: In my Facebook parents’ group, I asked for suggestions for kids’ books that were just a little disturbing. I got nearly 300 responses—from a group that usually supplies maybe nine or 10 answers to the average child-rearing question. (Q: Why won’t she eat? A: Maybe she’s not h


NASA's Van Allen probes caught the spooky sounds of electrons that surround Earth, and NASA recently figured out where the noises come from. No one can hear humans scream in space, but NASA can hear electrons whistle there. But how did the electrons get into our atmosphere, and why do they make nois


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This week in the Brain Buffet, let’s talk about how quantum computers will change technology, check out boozy travel destinations, super creepy events in history, how politcs impacts gold prices, and watch a live stream of the Earth from the International Space Station! This week in the Brain Buffet


Even with all its magnificence and majesty, Earth is also just kind of strange. Aside from the fact that it’s the only planet known (so far) to support life, it has a bunch of inherent quirks ...


10 Weird Things About the Earth that Most People Don’t Know. by Unbelievable Facts Jul 2, 2019, 11:40 pm 7.6k Views Comments Off on 10 Weird Things About the Earth that Most People Don’t Know


The Earth might seem solid and permanent, but it actually goes through a full regeneration process every 500 million years or so as tectonic plates butt into each other. Oceanic crust is pressed under continental crust, creating pressure that fuels the world's volcanoes.