Some makeup tips for women over 50 include using moisturizer or primer before applying makeup, wearing different foundations in winter and summer months, choosing a foundation that is formulated for mature skin, and wear... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

The first step in creating a smoky eye is to prepare the lid with an eye shadow base or primer. This keeps the lids oil-free and prevents the shadow from melting or slipping. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown makeup tips include using the right moisturizer to make foundation last longer and moisturizing the lips to keep lipstick from bleeding. Lipstick tends to bleed when the lips are dry, so a moisturizing lip co... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

To apply Korean-style makeup, begin by applying moisturizer to minimize the appearance of pores, then follow with a high-quality primer. Next, use a pore-diminishing foundation, such as BB Cream, over the primer, then wa... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Professional makeup artists suggest to start applying makeup by first preparing the skin with a good moisturizer and tinted primer for a healthy glow. Next apply any blush, bronzer and highlighter underneath foundation f... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Some makeup tips for African American women include using a yellow-based foundation and a brown or copper blush. Brighter eye shadow colors work well with darker skin. Certain makeup lines are designed for African-Americ... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

The best way to wear makeup is to start with moisturizer and concealer, apply a base foundation followed by blush and finish with the eyes. The old adage of "less is more" applies with makeup, as too much can appear cake... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up