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Music can be produced in digital audio workstations or DAW's. The most popular include Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Ableton and Garage Band. Users can create full tracks, simple sound effects or just drum beats in these DAWs.


As of 2015, the Soundation Studio website allows users to create beats using their browsers for free. Soundation is easy for beginners to use, but it also includes advanced features suited for intermediate and advanced musicians. The music creation website Beatlab also ...


To start creating your own beats and vocals, start with music creation software. Certain software, such as Fruity Loops Studio, come preloaded with drums, snares, bass effects and samples of a wide array of musical instruments that can help you make a good beat and reco...


Soundation Studio allows users to create beats using their browsers for free. Soundation is easy for beginners to use, but it has a layout similar to many paid programs, making it suitable for intermediate and advanced users as well. The website OnlineSequencer.net has ...


Some apps that help create rap beats include Rap Beat Maker, RapStar, How to Rap, RoboTuner, Audiotool Sketch, Electric Drum Machine, Rap to Beats and AutoRap by Smule. These applications are compatible with most iPhones, Android products and iPads, according to TNW New...


Creating a video game begins with planning and choosing a development platform. The process continues with building the game elements, such as characters and environment. The video game must go through playtests and polishing before its public release.


As of January 2016, some good beat-making programs are Cubase Elements and Magix Music Maker Premium, according to TopTenReviews.com. Cubase Elements offers a clean user interface and lets users record up to 64 MIDI tracks and 48 audio tracks in each project.