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My Dreamtones enables everyone to create his or her own custom printed fabric by the yard. No matter it's for your child, favorite pet, online store, quilting, clothing, fabric wholesale and so on, your can always find something here. To realize your dream is what we hope to do. Dreamtones, to Print Your Dream onto Reality


Create your own fabric. Your image is brought into our viewer and can be resized by you using the scale (plus or minus). Please note that resizing may reduce the quality of the print. Our fabrics vary in printable width, for exact details click here. File types JPG, PNG, SVG, (max 20MB). Recommended 180 DPI RGB. TIFF files are not supported.


Why not create your own fabric pattern with Cricut. That's right. Have you ever thought to design your own fabric with vinyl. Heat transfer vinyl that is. Heat transfer vinyl is designed to be heat set into fabrics. Most people think of HTV for use on t-shirts. Consider using it to create your own custom fabric prints.


With Jane Dunnewold you will learn how to create unique digitally designed fabrics with an artistic flair. See the full video at: http://bit.ly/1AWYwYm See m...


Design your own bulk fabric using our online design system. It's never been easier to have a custom fabric printed with a one-of-a-kind design that only you have . Just upload your pattern, logo or image. That's it. We print your design on whatever fabric you choose from our selection, and you have a personalized roll of fabric before you know it.


You make your own laminated fabric! I used a product called Pellon Vinyl Fuse and it worked great. It’s very easy to use – you just iron it on. The package has very clear instructions. After that you treat it almost like any cotton fabric – with a few key changes. Tips for Working with Laminated Fabric


Well, with batik, you can create unique looks not only by sewing or designing your clothes, but by even designing your own fabric in the materials and colors you love. Batik fabrics can be used for all kinds of sewing and textile work like quilts, dresses, blankets, bedcovers, tablecloths, table runners, skirts, tops, pants, coats, bags and ...


Create Your Own Fabric Line with WeaveUp. Have you ever dreamed of creating your own fabric line? Traditionally, creating and buying custom fabrics was very hard to do. Fabric printers had huge minimums, you had to hold onto tons of stock, and the price tag was steep.


It’s all your own. With hundreds of fabric and leather options you can custom-create a look that’s all your own. Choose from the latest colors, patterns and textures. We have options to suit every style and budget. See it all. Leather. With its distinctive grain and texture, it's hard to top the classic elegance of leather. ...


Even if you have access to a good fabric store, the selection is usually small, and it can be difficult to find the right color or an appropriate pattern. Dissatisfied with her own choices—and in possession of a particularly fun piece of fabric— Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful came up with a great solution for creating her own faux oilcloth ...