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Knowing the mating and molting rituals of crawfish will give you the upper hand when using imitation baits. Most bass anglers use crawfish imitations without a very clear understanding of why they should be throwing them, and more importantly when. All of us know that crawfish lures are often effective and sometimes the only go-to bait of the day.


Molting. As with all crustaceans, a crawfish must molt or shed its hard external shell (“exoskeleton”) to increase in size (Figure 4); hence, the growth process involves periodic molting interspersed with inter-molt periods. Approximately 11 molts are necessary for young crawfish to reach maturity.


This is a Cherax Quadricarinatus (Australian Red Claw) Crayfish moulting its shell. Note: The crayfish is underwater, but in a separate breeding tank to protect it from harm.


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The molting and breeding cycles also affects crawfish colors and are linked to season. Freshly molted crawfish are often red, orange or crimson in color. These colors often darken as the shell matures before the next molt. Water color and diet are the other factors affecting the crawfish colors.


Bass Fishing Forums ; ... When Do Crawfish Molt? And When They Molt What Color? Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. When Do Crawfish Molt? And When They Molt What Color? ... I was told by someone that crawfish molt two times a summer! And I was told that red is a hot color to use when they molt ?


Crayfish molting? Dead? 207397 - in Crayfish - Crawfish forum - It seems that most (if not all) of my 10 dwarf crayfish are molting. There are molts EVERYWHERE throughout the tank. Yesterday when I...


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Simultaneously, you’re dealing with different stages of the crawfish molting phases throughout the season, which also causes variances in shell color. And last but not least, crawfish are sort ...


The Signs on How to Tell if Your Crayfish is About to Molt. Below is a summary on how to tell if your crayfish is about to molt. So if you think your crayfish is horribly sick at some point, just consider the fact that he may be molting. Your crayfish becomes withdrawn and less active. Your crayfish spends more time hiding out and burrowed.