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While it's great to know all that about cinnamon, I, too, had a non-pregnancy-related mad round of cinnamon cravings that I'm just coming out of and would like to know whether this is indicative of any sort of imbalance.


A cinnamon craving hasn't been connected with a definite cause. If you crave cinnamon, it may just reflect your desire for a favorite food, especially if you haven't eaten it for a while. It could also come from a need to eat sweets or be an ingredient in the type of foods you like to eat when your ...


I am anemic (was anemic pre-pregnancy and it got worse), but I haven't been craving cinnamon. I have been craving oranges and stuff that is either high in iron, or helps in the absorption of iron (vitamin C).


I didnt really crave anything in my pregnancy but French toast always sounded good, I never really had to have it. The only really thing i HAD to have was the day i went into labor and that was ice.


Pregnancy Cravings (and Cinnamon Swirl Cookies) I would say that my husband is pretty lucky, from some of the stories I hear about pregnant women and their cravings. Through all the times I have been pregnant, I have only sent him out twice to get something special for me that I was craving and that was never in the middle of the night or ...


Many of these cravings seem to come out of nowhere, and they can feel overpowering. What causes them? Hormones, right? Maybe in part, says Elizabeth Somer, author of Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy.The extreme hormonal changes women go through during pregnancy can have a huge impact on taste and smell.


Why Do I Crave Cinnamon? Craving cinnamon may be a sign that the body needs assistance in regulating insulin and blood sugar levels. Those issues could also be symptoms of more significant health problems, such as liver failure or diabetes.


Babies of moms who suffered from extreme morning sickness seemed to crave salt more than other babies, because they were dehydrated in the womb. Babies of moms who consumed lots of carrot juice while pregnant showed a strong preference for carrot-flavored cereal, while babies who weren’t exposed to carrots could take it or leave it.


Cinnamon is an effective weapon against diabetes and assists the body in controlling insulin and blood sugar levels. If you find yourself craving cinnamon, it may be a signal that your pancreas needs a little extra help and that your blood sugar levels are outside of the normal range. What is Diabetes?


While it is a common practice in many households to include Cinnamon in one’s diet during pregnancy, many questions are asked related to its safety during this sensitive phase of life. In this article, we tried to clear the air for you by discussing some of the frequently asked questions on the benefits and side effects of Cinnamon during ...