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Craigslist features many listings for older model and classic cars sold in cities throughout the country. The site offers a manufacturing year search filter in its Automotive section that allows a user to limit listings to cars no newer than a specified year.


Finding a list of local cars for sale on Craigslist is accomplished by visiting the website, selecting the state and city, accessing the section for Cars+Trucks, then choosing the For Sale heading. The next steps are to define the search terms and click on interesting ads, according to Mahalo.com.


Post an item for sale on Craigslist by visiting the site, selecting your area, clicking Post to Classifieds and providing the information you wish to post. Users who frequently post items on Craigslist may benefit by registering for a free account.


Access Craigslist's home page and scroll down to locate New York's sites, each of which have a section for car sales. Craigslist contains listings for cars for sale by owner and by dealers.


To find boats for sale by owner on craigslist.org, simply select "boats" under the "for sale" section and then select the "BY-OWNER OPTION". There are always listings for boats on the "for sale" section and they give you the option to buy from an owner or from reputable dealers.


To find and purchase a car in Ohio, open up a web browser to Craigslist.org and select a city in Ohio where you want to shop for a car. For example, selecting Columbus from the list brings up the entire Craigslist menu of listings for Columbus, Ohio, and from there the Cars + Trucks menu is availabl


Examples of goods available for purchase on Craigslist include antiques, furniture, musical instruments, electronics and automobiles. Local sellers use Craigslist to post a wide variety of second-hand items for sale in most U.S. cities.


Using Craigslist for car sales can yield good results, but sellers need to be careful about scams and phishing. The main disadvantages of selling used cars on Craigslist include the risk of check fraud, personal data theft by phishing and the risk of being the victim of violent crime, such as robber


To find cars for sale in Phoenix, Arizona, go to Craigslist.org and locate the Phoenix locale, select the Cars and Trucks category in the For Sale section and browse available cars using filter options or specific search queries.


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