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A car with a cracked windshield may pass inspection. However, this depends on the state where the car is inspected and the severity and location of the crack in the windshield.


Begin repairing a cracked windshield when the windshield is dry. Use a simple kit like the one available from Loctite and apply the adhesive that comes with the kit. Follow up with the adhesive-filled syringe.


Driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield can be dangerous. Cracks can cause windshields to shatter with even light impact, and in some cases the vehicle's roof can cave in.


It is not recommended to drive with a crack in the windshield, according to cars.com. Even a small crack or chip can form into larger cracks, which can affect driver visibility. Cracks over 12 inches long can also result in driving violations or tickets.


Laws regarding driving with a cracked windshield vary according to state. For instance, according to WOWT-NBC Omaha, it was legal to drive with a cracked windshield in Nebraska as of 2011, but doing so in Iowa could result in a driver being ticketed.


The only home remedy for repairing a small windshield crack or chip is to use a windshield crack repair kit, which can be purchased at an auto parts store or any large discount store. If not repaired in a timely manner, the windshield crack will likely worsen.


There is no proven way to keep a crack in a windshield from growing, but placing clear masking tape on the crack can be helpful until the driver can take the vehicle to a repair shop. Repairing the windshield as soon as possible is necessary to ensure driver safety and the safety of passengers. In s


To prevent a windshield from further damage, keep the glass away from extreme temperatures and rough vibrations. The cracks ruin the structural integrity of the glass and make it fragile.


To replace the rear glass on a pickup truck, clean the glass and the surrounding area to remove contaminants, and use a razor knife to remove the weather stripping around the existing glass. Push the glass outward from the inside of the truck to remove it. Use the razor knife to remove the urethane


A Texas state car inspection involves checking more than 20 areas of the vehicle for safety and functionality. As of 2015, areas that are inspected in passenger cars include the vehicle's horn, brakes, wheel assembly, exhaust system and window tint. The inspector also checks the car's seat belts, mi