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A CPO jacket is a casual woolen men's jacket based on the design of a Navy chief petty officer's jacket. It is styled like a shirt with buttons down the front and on the cuffs.


A retirement guest book is a book of blank pages laid out at a retirement party for guests to sign. Guests typically use the guest book as an opportunity to write congratulatory messages and wish the retiree well in the future.


To introduce a guest speaker, provide the audience with a brief explanation of the topic to be addressed, as well as the speaker's credentials on the subject. Keep the introduction short and to the point.


When making a retirement speech, share some memories about things that happened on the job, bring up some achievements and discuss plans for the future. The speech should be short and relatable to everybody in the audience.


When inviting a guest speaker, it's important to introduce yourself, explain why you are inviting him and what you want him to speak about. Go into detail about why his expertise is important to the topic you are inviting him to speak about.


A master of ceremonies is often tasked with introducing a guest speaker to an audience. There are some general metrics to reach in order to give a successful introductory speech. First, it is important to use the guest speaker's name, correctly pronounced and with all attendant titles.


Websites that include samples of introductory speeches for guest speakers include Write-Out-Loud.com, CanUWrite.com and Public-Speaking-Advice.com, as of May 2015. In addition to sample speeches, each site contains tips on how to tailor the speech to the individual speaker and how to customize the o


A thank you letter to a guest speaker needs to include a formal and clear message of appreciation for the speaker's appearance, including details about the specific event along with its time and date. The letter should also inform the speaker of the positive effects of her visit, if any.


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home spirituality my gospel retirement speech . My Speech Upon Retiring from the United States Navy, August, 1994. “Captain Bebee, family and distinguished guests: “The story goes, that when you die and go to heaven, you will be surrounded by angels. The other part of the story is that when you die and go to the other place you will be ...