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He was our guest speaker. I was so tired, the Red Sox were in a crazy series with Oakland in the playoffs and I had been losing sleep watching West Coast games. The second time, he was giving a brief at Little Creek during 2004 CPO Season – I probably dozed for a few minutes, but I woke up to him standing in front of me.


The guest speaker, Information Systems Technician (Ret.) Brian Campbell, who met Chief Jarratt while stationed together at Diego Garcia, remembers bonding quickly with him. After becoming best friends and meeting Michelle, he stated, “Robin, you made me part of your family.


Retirement Speeches. So, leave the gracious goodbyes to us - adapt our words of wisdom and the free sample retirement speech and make it your own! [Insert number of years] or so have flown by and this will be the last time that I will formally present a speech to all of you at [insert name of company].It has been a happy time - a time where I gave of my expertise, a time where I imparted ...


Military Retirement Speeches honor a remarkable individual. Years before, when this young person was enlisting, this day seemed impossibly far off. Yet today they are no doubt delighted to be here and looking forward to the future. There will be mixed emotions; excitement and pride might be mixed with some trepidation.In our military retirement ...


Retired CSM delivers inspiring speech to the 5th AR BDE Sisters-in-Arms program. By 1st Lt. Vanessa Dudley, 1st Battalion, 361st Regiment, 5th Armored Brigade, Division West Public Affairs March ...


These sample speeches relate to the situation where you are introducing a guest speaker. There are three basic principles: The final words of your introduction should be the name of the guest speaker. Do not give your own speech on the points which the guest speaker will be covering.


SECNAVINST 5603.2D MILPERSMAN 1800-010 MILPERSMAN 1830-040 RETIRED MILITARY ALMANAC BUPERINST 1710.11C Retirement Ceremony Information Sheet Retiree Biography Guest Speaker Biography Retirement Ceremony Coordinator Checklist Retirement Ceremony Timeline Stage Arrangement Options Retirement Ceremony Script Fleet Reserve/Retirement OPINS Feeder ...


Don’t be pretentious, cheesy, or vain in your speech, the opening speech isn’t the occasion for that and will make you look bad. Delivering the Speech. 1. Practice and be prepared. Make sure you practice at least one day in advance. Print your opening speech – it’s unprofessional to use an electronic device! Timing is especially important.


Retirement speeches can be tricky, there is no doubt about it. One of our readers, Ted, worked on the railways for 35 years and wanted some tips to write his speech, including some jokes and one liners. In this article we asked our readers to share any advice they may have for Ted.


Vote of Thanks Speech Samples. On average, your speech should be between 220 – 450 words, however, there are no rules set in stone. In some situations, the length and content of your speech can vary. Many experts recommend adapting the speech to the situation in hand, not only the event itself, but also the mood of the audience.