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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, coyotes are occasionally preyed upon by larger predators, such as wolves and mountain lions, although this is mostly due to competition. Lynx and bobcats also compete with coyotes, although they do not pose as big a threat. Red foxe...


A den room is a supplementary and secluded room of a home, often used as a place where a hobby or activity can be pursued. It is considered a bonus room, which can also be used as a study, family room, office or even a library.


Coyotes live all around the United States and in other countries. Coyotes have the unique ability to be able to adapt to all different environments.


Coyotes range throughout North and Central America. They live in hollow logs, brush piles and burrows. They dig their own burrows or sometimes take over other animals' burrows.


Coyotes are primarily carnivores and mainly eat small and large mammals, although they also prey on birds, snakes, lizards, amphibians, crustaceans, fish and insects. When fresh meat is not available, they eat carrion, including cannibalizing the dead of their own speci...


Many animals live in dens, including foxes, bears, bobcats and raccoons. Animals that are found in woodlands are likely to live in dens. Some animals use dens only for nesting and rearing young, while others make dens more permanent homes.


Coyotes typically sleep above ground in a well-covered area. During pup season, however, coyotes often sleep inside of dens in order to protect their young.