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Hides have to be split into two layers before they can be used as furniture leather. The bottom layer created by that split is referred to as split leather or sometimes as bottom grain.


Buffalo leather is superior to cow leather in several manners. According to Rocky Mountain Tanners, buffalo leather is more resistant to damage from ripping, stretching and heat damage. It's also more breathable than cow leather, making it better for a wider range of te...


Adult size for cows can vary significantly due to breed and sex, although large breeds can weigh 1,400 pounds or more. Smaller breeds weigh between 600 and 1,000 pounds. Bulls can grow over 3,000 pounds in rare occasions.


There is evidence suggesting that cows do have feelings. As herd animals, they have extensive social relationships and may experience emotions such as stress, fear and pleasure.


Cows across the world feed on different varieties of grains, typically corn in North America, while a small percentage eat grasses and forage. There is no such thing as a wild cow, meaning that every cow consumes a regulated diet according to the properties the rancher ...


Butchers divide beef carcasses into large primal cuts including the loin, chuck and round. Retail cuts are derived from these larger cuts and include New York Strip, rump roast, short ribs and chuck eye roast.


The amount of blood in a cow is dependent upon the cow's weight; however, it is generally accepted that the blood volume of cattle is an average of 55 milliliters per kilogram. Smaller cows, such as calves, would have less blood than larger cows, such as bulls.