Case adjudication is the formal resolution of a case by the pronouncement of a judgment or decree by the court. The term applies to both civil and criminal cases. The term implies that the court has held a hearing, heard... More »

"Case adjudicated" means that a case or court proceeding has been resolved by a judge or arbitrator. When a case is adjudicated, a judge or arbitrator has issued a legally binding decision, bringing the case to an end, a... More »

As noted by the Colorado Supreme Court's Chief Justice Directive 05-01, any person can contact the local court to obtain case information, including case number, with a few exceptions. A criminal defendant can also conta... More » Government & Politics Crime

Free copies of a divorce decree are obtained from the court clerkメs office, department of records, attorneys handling the case and online sources, notes LegalZoom. A divorce decree documents the outcome of a divorce acti... More »

The procedure for dealing with a lower court's judgment involves affirmation by the appeals court, thus ending the case, explains the American Bar Association. However, the losing party may appeal the case to a higher co... More » Government & Politics Law

Motion for summary judgment forms typically include the court name, case information, a basic statement of the law allowing such motions and further sections relating some details of the case, as evidenced by the forms p... More » Government & Politics Law

People who legally change their name in California must file court papers, record the "Order to Show Cause for Change of Name" in a newspaper publication of general circulation once a week for four weeks and then ask the... More »