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The appellate court affirmed the decision of the circuit court holding that "when an adult defendant takes the stand and presents a false or misleading portrayal of himself to the jury, a juvenile adjudication may become admissible, in the trial judge's discretion, for the limited purpose of impeaching that testimony.


Adjudication can also be the process, at dance competitions, in television game shows and at other competitive forums, by which competitors are evaluated and ranked and a winner is found. In court "The legal process of resolving a dispute.


Adjudication definition, an act of adjudicating. See more. Lexical Investigations: Sustainability This may come as a surprise, but the link between sustainability and environmentalism is actually fairly recent. Before 1980, sustainability was an uncommon variant of sustainable, as in “capable of being upheld,” and it could be used in any context.


The term “adjudication” is used to describe the formal giving of a judgment or decision by a judge in a court of law. For example, an adjudication is made after all of the applicable evidence has been reviewed, including the legal arguments put forth by both sides’ attorneys.


What Does it Mean to Withhold Adjudication in Florida? Written by Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law on May 12, 2016. We have all made mistakes throughout life, some bigger than others. These mistakes can be small, only causing issues within that day, while other mistakes can have lasting effects on your life.


The adjudicated meaning simply refers to the formal legal process by which a judge or arbiter reviews evidence (including legal reasoning offered by litigants or opposing parties) to come to a decision in a legal matter. Typically the cases heard in adjudication setting revolve around disputes over money or non-violent infractions.


What does it mean to have the Adjudication Withheld? Again, you cannot have adjudication withheld unless you have first been found guilty by the court. After a finding of guilt the court has the option of adjudicating you guilty or withholding the adjudication of guilt. By withholding the adjudication of guilt the court is not convicting you of ...


When the court withholds adjudication it does not count as a “conviction” for most purposes. In State v. McFadden, 772 So.2d 1209 (Fla.2000), the Florida Supreme Court adopted a definition of “conviction” that requires an adjudication of guilt or judgment of conviction by the trial court.


If the court sustains the allegations of dependency, the child is officially adjudicated dependent. In many jurisdictions, the adjudication and disposition are held jointly as a means to expedite the process. Disposition of Dependent Children. In the timeline of court hearings, the disposition hearing occurs immediately after adjudication.


Article 39 was designed to bar binding adjudication outside the courts--in other words, it took aim at the prerogative or administrative adjudication by which rulers evaded the regular processes of the courts.