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I recently bought an issue of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style off the newsstand and I absolutely love it! I am in the process of redecorating my home to the country farmhouse style and I love the inspirational ideas I get from this magazine. If this is a magazine that I can subscribe to, I would love to do that! Thank you so much! Katrina McKenney


Sharing Our Love of Farmhouse Style Coast to Coast! Hello, and welcome to Country Sampler Farmhouse Style!. In the pages of our new magazine, we're going to bring you wonderful down-home tips, ideas and inspiration for creating the farmhouse-style home of your dreams!


Country Sampler Farmhouse Style 2018. The downhome charm of today's popular farmhouse style comes alive in this brand-new issue! Tour modern farmhouses, smile at creative chicken coops, learn how to bring barnwood beauty into your home, create your own farm-style favorites with our DIY instructions and enjoy mouthwatering farm-to-table recipes.


Magazines - Farmhouse StyleBreathe in a breath of fresh country air with this spring issue of Farmhouse Style! This bright and breezy issue is absolutely brimming with more than 60 inspiring DIY ideas, perfect for bringing the sunshine into your life and home.


Our popular new magazine is back with more of what you love! The Autumn Farmhouse Style issue, available now, is filled with creative ways to bring today's fresh farmhouse looks into your home. And the very best news -- all these wonderful decorating ideas and expert tips for living the farmhouse life are now available four times a year as a quarterly subscription!


Several months ago, I was contacted by Country Sampler magazine and they wanted to know if they could feature a few of my quilt block projects for their Farmhouse Style magazine. It's one of their specialty publications that my projects have been featured in several times. Here are the sections of the magazine that my projects were featured in. Below are my large barn quilt block stencils ...


Fresh Farm-Style Homes Take a virtual tour through four cheerful homes and become entranced with their personalized takes on farmhouse flavor. Discover how an old brick schoolhouse got transformed, enjoy the updated ambience of a 1970s ranch, step inside a trendy tiny home, and see how traditional farmhouse looks got a European upgrade.


The good news is that one of the issues is a special edition of Country Sampler magazine called “Farmhouse Style,” and it’s available for a few months more. I’m not sure which stores carry it, but it’s worth keeping your eye out for.


Country Sampler is a decorating and idea sourcebook specializing in Americana and country styles. Each issue features handcrafted furniture, folk art, and collectibles. This magazine subscription brings you the exciting world of country design with full color photos, patterns & kits to make your own handcrafted works of art, jewelry, dolls ...


Relax and enjoy country decorating ideas and inspiration in Country Sampler magazine. Not my home, maybe Mom's home.A simple way to add fresh farmhouse style is to incorporate picket fencing or old doors into your decor. (Photographed and styled by Franklin and Esther Schmidt. A cute little garden-themed corner of a room.