Poland is situated in central Europe. The country borders the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus. Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north, where its coastline stretches fo... More »

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The history of Poland Spring Water begins in 1844 when landowner Hiram Ricker concluded that the water he drank from Poland Spring in Maine overcame his chronic dyspepsia. In 1845, the Rickers began sharing water and by ... More »

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Poland shares a border with seven countries: Germany, the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. Because they are all part of the European Union, travel between Poland and Germany, the Czec... More »

Switzerland is located in central Europe. This landlocked country is bordered by Germany and France to the north, Liechtenstein and Austria to the east, Italy to the south and France to the west and southwest. Slightly l... More »

Switzerland is a country located in central Europe. It covers a total area of about 16,000 square miles, making it the 136th largest country in the world, and it's a little smaller than double the size of New Jersey. Les... More »

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Poland is famous for being the home of scientist Marie Curie, composer Frederic Chopin and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Three of the most famous Nazi concentration camps were also located in Poland: Belzec, Treblinka ... More »

Poland's landforms include the Baltic sea, beaches, sand dunes, deserts, mountains, hilly plains and lowlands, along with various bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes. The mountainous regions are in the southern por... More »