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The Happiest Country in the world is the best place to be for some peace, tranquility and on top of that, it is one of the most cheapest countries to travel from India. Known for its natural beauty and the vast expanse of unexplored terrains, Indians can visit this country without a passport!


What are some countries near India? Here's a list of countries you may be looking for.


India, the second most populous country in the world, was under the British rule during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, in 1947, it savoured the taste of independence.


Closest to India! 1. In terms of the geographical landscape (and also to answer your question) Afganistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. There are many countries that are close to India in ways they do t...


India is a federation with a parliamentary system governed under the Constitution of India—the country's supreme legal document. It is a constitutional republic and representative democracy, in which "majority rule is tempered by minority rights protected by law".


I think you best go to a travel agency near you and talk over what the options are from your part of India, likely it will be cheapest to fly direct to Paris, or to have one stop in an other European country and fly on from there. Taking a train is almost always way more expensive.


India share land borders with China,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Nepal,Bangladesh,Bhutan,and Mynamar.On Sea very near are Srilanka and Maldives.


5. Madagascar The landscape near Diego Suarez, Madagascar. The fourth-largest island in the world, Madagascar is a sovereign island state located in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius, Comoros, and the French territory of Réunion are the neighboring islands of Madagascar. The African country of Mozambique is the closest mainland nation to Madagascar.


The population of Bhutan had been estimated based on the reported figure of about 1 million in the 1970s when the country had joined the United Nations and precise statistics were lacking. Thus, using the annual increase rate of 2–3%, the most population estimates were around 2 million in 2000.


India is the seventh biggest country in the world. It is the main part of the Indian subcontinent. The countries next to India are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. It is also near Sri Lanka, an island country. India is a peninsula, which means that it is surrounded on three sides by water. One of the seven wonders of the ...