There are a total of five countries that border Spain. Morocco, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Andorra and France all share a border with the Kingdom of Spain. More »

Spain is surrounded by France, Gibraltar, Portugal and Morocco. Andorra, one of the tiniest countries in the world, is located on the mountainous border between Spain and France. Gibraltar is considered an overseas terri... More »

The eight countries that border France include Belgium, Italy, Germany, Andorra, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and Monaco. France shares around 345 miles of land border with Belgium, 296 miles with Italy, 260 miles with... More » Geography Europe

Spain, like many countries, is a diverse nation with landscapes that vary from coastal to mountainous and features a wide range of architecture that celebrates its history. The capital of Spain is Madrid. Barcelona is an... More »

Major landforms in Spain include the Meseta Plateau, which covers 45 percent of the country, the Andalusian Plain in the southeast, the Pyrenees Mountains that define the border between Spain and France, and the Ebro Riv... More »

Spain has a total of 44 cities with at least six major cities that house over 500,000 residents each. Barcelona and Madrid are the two largest cities. Madrid has a population of 3.2 million people, and Barcelona has a po... More »

Some regions of Spain receive snowfall. The country has a mostly temperate climate with hot interior summers and more moderate temperatures along the coast. The interior region has wet, cold winters. The mountainous regi... More »