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Afghanistan - Afghanistan is another neighbouring country of India located in the Central Asia. It has many other countries in its neighbourhood including China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan ...


Indonesia in the south western region, close to andaman and nicobar islands India shares border to many countries. India’s Neighbouring countries are: 1. Pakistan in the north west portion. 2. China in the north region. 3. Nepal is just above the ...


India and its surrounding countries are so similar in culture and climatic conditions that the region is sometimes called the Indian sub-continent. India and its surrounding countries are so ...


The shape of India's borders has varied dramatically over the course of the nation's history with the current boundaries being decided on recently during the period when India was a British colony and after it gained its independence in 1947. There are 7 countries that border India. Countries Bordering India Pakistan


The neighbouring countries of India include China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc. India is located latitudinally in the Northern Hemisphere and longitudinally in the Eastern Hemisphere.


What are some countries near India? Here's a list of countries you may be looking for.


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The country shares its border with 10 other countries. India shares its border with 7 countries namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, with Sri Lanka, India sharing 0.1 kilometres long border. Read on to know the names of top countries that have the most number of neighbours: People's Republic of China


India and Japan signed a security co-operation agreement in which both will hold military exercises, police the Indian Ocean and conduct military-to-military exchanges on fighting terrorism, making India one of only three countries, the other two being the United States and Australia, with which Japan has such a security pact.


India and Sri Lanka form the shortest land border in the world. The length of the border between these two countries is 100 meters. Both the countries are joined by a narrow stretch of Adam’s ...