A counter check is bank-provided check that takes the place of a personal check. Banks only issue counter checks to active account holders. More »

Many banks, including TD Bank and US Bank, offer blank counter checks to account holders who run out of checks or need starter checks for new accounts. Also called courtesy checks, these blank checks offer account holder... More »

Walmart does not cash personal checks. Walmart only cashes government checks, payroll checks, MoneyGram money orders and tax checks for a small fee. More »

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Banks with free coin counters include TD Bank, PNC Bank and most credit unions. Banks that have coin counters may not have them at all branches. Calling the bank branch directly is the most certain way to determine wheth... More »

Republic Bank verifies checks using submitted check information, including the last four digits of a Social Security number, name on the checking account and check amount. Financial institutions and individuals using its... More »

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The bank on which the check is drawn should be able to honor it with no problems. However, if the recipient takes it to his bank, the processing machine might have problems reading the material at the bottom of the check... More »

Kitsap Bank offers online bill pay, online payments and the ability to put a stop payment on a check. Other online services include the ability to set up balance notifications and alerts. More »

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