Cougars make a wide variety of sounds similar to house cats, including hisses, mews, spits, growls, a whistle-like sound, and also their distinctive piercing screams. Only females are able to make the screaming sound, wh... More »

Raccoons have a relatively large vocabulary amounting to about 51 recognized sounds, including adult raccoon purrs, snarls, chatter, squeals, whinnies, growls, hisses and screams and young raccoon twitters, coos, cries a... More »

Mountain lions, which are also called pumas, panthers and cougars, are large cats that reach about 8 feet in length (including the tail) and weigh about 260 pounds. Males are larger than females. Their coat is short and ... More »

Kangaroos make a variety of sounds, including hissing, grunting and coughing, and females may make a clicking sound when communicating with joeys. Kangaroos make noises when warning others about predators or if they sens... More »

Mostly a silent animal, bobcats are sometimes known to make sounds that include yowling, screaming, hissing, squealing and howling. Bobcats make more vocalizations during the annual mating season, which typically occurs ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Large Cats

Walruses are very loud and vocal animals that make an extraordinary range of sounds, including barks, moans, screams, whoops, wails, bellows, growls, snorts, sniffles and knocking sounds. Male walruses also sing complex ... More »

There are a variety of sound samples available inexpensively online through SoundBible and SoundBoard, both of which have at least one short clip of a bobcat. SoundBible clips are free of charge. SoundBoard charges a sma... More »