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Cotton is made from the fibers within the boll, the seed pod, of the cotton plant. When ripe, the boll pops open revealing the fluffy, white puffs. These are stripped from the plants by harvesting machines and delivered for processing.


Large exporters of raw cotton, such as the United States, Australia and Europe, mechanically pick and harvest cotton through stripper and spindle pickers. A stripper picker removes the entire cotton boll off the plant along with other unopened bolls. The spindle cotton ...


The four most widely used types of cotton are Upland, Pima, Egyptian and Asiatic. Other types of cotton associated with the countries they are grown in include Brazilian, Mexican, Jamaican and Peruvian. These are also used in the manufacturing of commercial products.


Cotton drill is a 100 percent cotton fabric with a strong diagonal weave. The strength of this diagonal weave makes the fabric useful for applications that require a durable construction.


As of 2015, there are 27 colleges and universities within the city limits of Houston. This includes four state universities, three community colleges, five private universities, three law schools and 12 health institutions.


Cotton is a major agricultural crop in the United States and has been cultivated throughout the world for more than 5,000 years. The best-selling fabric in the world, cotton is an excellent choice for clothing year round, but in ancient Egypt, it was reserved for only t...


The Houston Police Department Central Jail can be found at 61 Riesner St., the Houston Police Department Southeast Jail is located at 8300 Mywaka Road, and the Harris County Jail can be found at 1200 Baker St., according to the official website of Houston, Texas.