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Cotton is a seed fiber and grows in warm climates. Modern harvesting of the cotton crop is highly mechanized. Cotton is a good choice for clothing for its comfort and easy care. Properties & Uses. The fibers are sent to a textile mill where carding machines turn the fibers into cotton yarn.


Almost all parts of the cotton plant are used in some way including the lint, cottonseed, linters, stalks and seed hulls. Natural cotton fibre properties. Cotton is a soft, absorbent and breathable natural fibre, making it the perfect fibre for clothing and undergarments worn close to the skin


Uses of Cotton Fiber: Cotton fiber is a versatile fibre which has wide variety of uses. But the Cotton fibre is mostly used on the Apparel Industry to make the wearing cloth like Sweaters, Skirts, Shirts, Swimwear, Kids wear, Blouses, Pants, Hosiery and to make other type of dresses.


This accounts for the fact that cotton garments are more easily ironed when damp. Cotton fabrics are susceptible to shrinkage upon laundering. Perhaps more than any other fiber, cotton satisfies the requirements of apparel, home furnishings, recreational, and industrial uses.


Uses of cotton Cotton has a wide variety of uses, especially in the textile industry. The following are some of the most common uses of this product. Cotton is spun into thread that is used in many clothing products such as underwear, socks and T-shirts. Bed sheets are usually made of cotton because of its soft feel.


Cotton fabric is one of the world's oldest known fabrics, dating back to ancient Egypt and prehistoric Mexico. Its mass-production began in the 1700s with the invention of the cotton gin. Cotton continues to be the most used fiber in the world and the most popular fabric for clothing in the United States.


Cotton’s competitive share of U.S. produced textile end-uses shows a steady increase, presently standing at approximately 34%. Cotton’s share of the retail apparel and home furnishings market has grown from a historic low of 34% in the early 1970s to more than 60% today.


Chemical Properties of Cotton: Cotton is a natural cellulosic fiber and it has some chemical properties. Chemical properties of the cotton fiber are given below: Effect of Acids: Cotton is attacked by hot dilute acids or cold concentrated acids which it disintegrates. It is not affected by acids.


Uses of Cotton. Cotton is known for its versatility, performance and natural comfort. It’s used to make all kinds of clothes and homewares as well as for industrial purposes like tarpaulins, tents, hotel sheets and army uniforms.


It is partly conntected with the cotton's origin, variety and maturity. But at the end, cotton of good character is that whose fibers are the strongest and most robust. Those properties lead to traction and breakage resistance as well as uniformity so that they are easy to work with.