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What is the cost of alternator belt replacement ? The cost of having your alternator replaced varies from $15-$300. It depends on the style of alternator belt and if other engine parts need to be removed to allow access. What is an alternator belt ? An alternator belt is generally a fiber reinforced rubber belt that drives the alternator, a ...


The replacement cost of an alternator belt is typically between $100 and $200. The part cost is between $25 and $80 while the labor cost is between $75 and $120. The true replacement cost will depend on how long it takes the mechanic to access your alternator belt. Sometimes it is easy to access, so the labor will only take one hour or so.


The alternator replacement cost can be quite high, with prices running between $133 and $915 for a new alternator. The work itself is quite straightforward, so the cost for labor is normally quite low in comparison to other automotive services. The alternator cost will range from $200 to $700 just for the part itself!


Because the alternator requires the removal of the serpentine belt, this is a good time to replace that belt if it's worn, or the service interval has been reached. If the battery cables have physical damage or extensive corrosion, they should be replaced as well.


What is the cost to replace a car alternator? Update Cancel. a d b y q u i p. How long should you brush your teeth for? ... How much does an alternator belt replacement cost? What are the signs you need to replace your alternator? What can cause a car to overcharge after replacing a battery and an alternator?


If the belt hasn’t been replaced in some time, or is showing signs of cracking or wear, now is the perfect time to replace it. It will already be part of the labor to remove the alternator, so the only added cost is the price of the belt. In rare instances, the wiring harness plug which plugs into your alternator is also replaced.


It is the labor cost that is often the biggest variable in the quote of your alternator belt replacement cost. This is because not only will some alternator belt replacements take a shorter amount of time to replace, some mechanics are simply worth paying that little bit more for their experience.


If your alternator is in fact bad after so few miles, I would suspect there is a problem somewhere else that caused it to fail so quickly. Then again, it is possible you just got a rare bad alternator. But either way, it's very unusual to have to replace the alternator on a Honda under 100,000 miles.


The cost to replace the belt can be lesser, when you do it on your own. Do it only after you have made a thorough study of the architecture of your car's internal structure and its working. You should at least understand the working of the alternator and have a rough understanding of which part is located where.