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Add a line to your Verizon wireless account. Select a device, pick a plan and get a new number it's fast and easy. Add a line Stay connected. ... Add a new device. Pair your new line with the device you want. Shop phones Shop tablets. Or. Bring your own device. You can activate a device you already own. Learn more .


To add a device to an existing line on your account: Go to the Upgrade Device page in My Verizon. Note: If you have more than one device on your account, select the device you want to upgrade and click Next .


With adding a new line to the new Verizon large plan, there will be a one time activation fee of $30 along with paying a monthly line access charge of $20.00. Can you please let us know if you will be bringing your own device for this line or will you be adding a new device on a device payment agreement?


Verizon also said Jetpack mobile hotspots will cost $10 per month to add, down from $20 and now the same as adding a tablet. Connected device lines for devices like smart watches are $5 per month.


You can add up to 500 minutes per month of direct-dialed calls to 120 countries and destinations ... (Canada calling is included at no additional cost with our Unlimited Plan.) ... Verizon is a home phone service provider using VoIP technology to deliver crystal-clear calling over a 100% fiber-optic network.


If you already have a Verizon Wireless price plan, then your price to add a new line of service to that price plan will be $9.99 as long as the cell phone is not an advanced device (which requires a minimum data plan of $9.99) or a smartphone (which requires a data plan of $29.99).


To add an additional line to your Verizon account, you'll need to purchase a new phone or register an existing device, and then choose a phone number to use with your service. Verizon Wireless allows ...


Select “New lines of service” from this page. Select the option to “Add a new phone to your existing Verizon Wireless account” option. You will be asked if you would like to purchase a new phone from Verizon Wireless or if you have the phone you would like to add.


Verizon’s network is top of the line, and that comes with a hefty price tag. Families with heavy data users should weigh their options before committing. Verizon’s network is top of the line ...


Below are the prices for Verizon’s data-only plans; these prices do not include monthly line fees, which are $10 for a tablet, $20 for a mobile hot spot and $5 for a connected device.