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Cost. If you enroll in a Medicare insurance program that includes SilverSneakers as a benefit, you receive membership in the program at no extra cost* and you do not need to purchase a basic membership. Workout Programs. SilverSneakers enrollees receive a basic fitness membership at any of the 11,000 participating locations.


SilverSneakers is a fitness program for seniors that’s included with many Medicare Advantage plans. SilverSneakers helps millions of people on Medicare defy the odds, shatter stereotypes and answer every challenge with, “I can do this!” Membership includes access to every participating gym and fitness center in the network.


If you’re on Medicare, the SilverSneakers program is a convenient and low-cost way to stay in shape. SilverSneakers is a fitness program especially for seniors enrolled in Medicare. With SilverSneakers, you have free access to thousands of gyms nationwide and fitness classes in your community.


A Word About Costs. The costs of Medicare plans are strongly regulated by the federal government. Any individual plan listed on our site carries the same costs and offers the exact same benefits regardless of whether you purchase it from our site, a government website, or your local insurance broker.


WHAT IS SILVER SNEAKERS? If you are about to turn 65, you might have heard about “SilverSneakers” and wondered what it is and how it works. Well simply put, Silver Sneakers Medicare is a fitness program for seniors. Let me elaborate on that. The primary mission of the program is to help seniors reach a standard […]


Medicare Advantage plans may cover SilverSneakers. SilverSneakers is considered a basic fitness service and Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, does not cover this benefit. However, Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, may provide this benefit.


What is Silver Sneakers? Silver Sneakers is a nationwide program dedicated to helping seniors get fit and stay healthy through routine exercise. The program helps you bypass gym membership fees. Instead of paying for a separate gym membership, you just pay your Medicare Advantage premium and have access to gyms across the country.


Find out if your health insurance company providing Medicare coverage includes the no-cost SilverSneakers program for unlimited fitness location access.


Silver Sneakers is a completely free to use fitness program for Medicare beneficiaries. Seniors across the nation with a Silver Sneakers membership have unlimited access to over 14,000 gym locations where they can participate in healthy physical activity.


If you’re new to SilverSneakers, it seems almost too good to be true: unlimited gym access and fitness classes, plus a built-in community of support to ensure your golden years are filled with health and happiness. All at no cost to you! It’s all good and all true. And there are no strings attached.