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A replacement cost estimator is a tool used to estimate the cost of replacing a home, according to HomeInsuranceQuotesHomeowners.com. In a situation in which damage to a home is considered a total loss, this tool estimates the cost for rebuilding it.


To compare the cost of a replacement heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, it is important to consider factors, such as price ranges for different brands of systems, contractor and labor costs, and energy efficiency for various units. A homeowner may need to r...


According to HomeAdvisor, replacing a well pump costs about $1,400 on average, with the low range starting about $500 and the high range reaching about $5,000. Factors such as the area around the well pump as well as the rates of the installation professional affect the...


It costs about $400 to $639 to replace an alternator as of 2014, depending on the make and model of the car. This amount includes the cost of parts, which is about $279 to $485 excluding taxes and fees, and the cost of labor, which is about $121 to $154.


The cost of a hip replacement varies wildly from the relatively low price of $11,100 to the high price of $125,798, according to a 2011-2012 study outlined by the Arthritis Foundation. Furthermore, many hospitals do not even know the price of a hip replacement at their ...


As of 2015, brake replacements usually cost around $130 to $900 per axle, depending on the make and model of the car. Prices are customarily higher at car dealerships than at standard repair shops.


The cost of replacing a roof ranges from $4,000 for simple asphalt shingles to $150,000 for high-end slate, The Miami Herald reports. It's more expensive to replace a roof with a steep slope because the work is more dangerous.