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Average prices for the Goodman DSXC18 series air conditioner are approximately $2,109 not including installation as of 2014, as reported by review website Furnace Compare. The DSXC is available in a five-ton version and is considered the top air conditioner of its class by Furnace Compare.


Air conditioning units from 1- to 4-ton sizes can be purchased at Lowe's, The Home Depot, Amazon.com and local distributors of specific brands, such as Amana, Lennox, Carrier and Trane. The Home Depot and Lowe's offer onsite consultation and installation services, as do most distributors, but Amazon


A 3-ton air conditioner can be purchased online through The Home Depot, AC Wholesalers, Factory Furnace Outlet or Ingram's Water and Air Equipment. As of March 2015, The Home Depot sells a 3-ton Winchester quick connect air conditioning system for approximately $2,950. The system comes with a one-ye


The Rheem 14-SEER Classic Series Air Conditioner Condenser and the Goodman 13-SEER model R410A are two examples of 3.5-ton air conditioners. The tonnage is a measurement of cooling capacity rather than the physical weight of the unit.


As of 2016, air conditioners cost between $99 and $1,500. Air conditioner pricing varies based on the retailer, type of air conditioner and the brand. Generally, window and wall air conditioners cost less than portable air conditioning units.


As of 2015, an evaporator coil for a 2-ton air conditioner costs around $200 to $600 depending on the brand. The repair task itself of installing the coil takes about two to four hours with a total amount of about $650 to $1200 after installation.


Air conditioner unit prices vary widely based on the type and BTU rating. As of 2015, prices at HomeDepot.com range from $115 for the least expensive window unit to $5,054 for a built-in unit with a heater (prices do not include installation).


The different types of air conditioners include window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, split or ductless air conditioners, tower air conditioners, and central air conditioners. Air conditioners are installed in windows, they have the ability to roll across the floor or they can be mount


There are five components that make up an air conditioner’s inner workings: an expansion valve, a condenser, an evaporator, a pump and a refrigerant liquid. All of these pieces work together in a process that allows the fluid to pull heat from the air.


Carrier brand air conditioners, including 4-ton capacity models, are available for purchase from local heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) dealers. Additionally, these dealers typically install and troubleshoot the operation of new systems.