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Exactly how much Koi fish cost depends on a number of factors, including the size and the specific breed of the fish. As of June 2014, a small, standard Koi fish costs as little as $4. Koi that are larger in size can cost up to $3,000.


Koi fish are symbols in both Japanese and Chinese culture and can represent traits of strength and of love. Their meaning varies depending on the color, scale type and the pattern of the individual fish.


Adequate koi food contains 32 to 36 percent protein from fish by-products as its first ingredient. Its second ingredient is plant matter, from sources like wheat germ, that gives an energy boost. Koi food should also contain 3 to 10 percent crude fat, ascorbic acid, imm...


In East Asian culture, the colors of koi fish represent different qualities pertaining to strength, ambition and dedication. Black koi represent the overcoming of obstacles, red koi represent love, blue koi represent propagation and family, and gold koi represent wealth...


According to the New Health Guide, the koi fish is a symbol for good luck and fortune. As a tattoo, the koi fish may represent personal growth.


Koi fish are associated with good luck or fortune and a person's aspirations to improve themselves. According to New Health Guide, this meaning is derived from a collection of Chinese and Japanese legends that says the koi fish can climb the falls of the Yellow River to...


Koi fish can have many symbolic meanings, with two of the most popular being good fortune and overcoming adversity. The symbolism of the Koi fish comes from the legend that a Koi fish that is able to swim upstream and all the way up the Yellow River falls will be reward...