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RepairPal estimates the cost of an air conditioner condenser replacement to be between $520 and $700. Homeowners considering an upgrade to their existing system might want to consider installing a new unit, but those satisfied with their air conditioners are probably best served with a repair.


There are several things that must be considered before getting an indoor AC system, including the sizing, cooling efficiency and moisture-removal capability of the AC, the cooling load and the area of installation. The goal is to have the most efficient cooling system in the home with the most util


A person can buy an air conditioner blower motor replacement online from Grainger and HVACPartsOutlet.com. Brands such as Carrier, Century, Goodman and Fasco are available, as are universal models.


As of 2015, the average cost to repair an air conditioner with a failed compressor is $1,500 to $2,400. Many variables affect the total, with the size of the unit being the major factor. If the system is over 10 years old, system replacement is usually the most economical choice.


An alternating current (AC) adapter converts AC power into direct current (DC) power to charge or power small electronic devices. AC adapters convert and transfer voltage from electrical outlets to power everyday devices such as laptops, mobile gaming devices and cellphones.


A mini split AC system is a ductless system for indoor climate control. Each mini split system features an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit.


As of 2015, the average cost to repair an AC Compressor ranges from $550 to $1600. The repair price depends on the type of repair needed and the number of parts that are to be replaced in the unit.


A mini-split air-conditioning system has an outside air compressor like a central air conditioning system, but the evaporator system is located in the room it cools, eliminating the pumping of cooled air into the room through ducts. With more than one evaporator unit, the system is considered multi-


A York AC is an air conditioner that the carries the York brand name. York sells air conditioners to both commercial and residential customers through its network of heating and cooling contractors throughout United States.


An air conditioning filter drier needs to replaced any time the refrigeration system is open to the atmosphere, typically when the system is repaired. The most common time the filter drier needs to be changed is after replacement of a compressor.