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It is not easy to install a furnace with do-it-yourself instructions due to the skill, precision and tools required. An unlicensed individual should not attempt installation no matter the potential savings. Only licensed professionals should install a furnace, as incorrect installation poses a safet


With a bit of research and preparation, most people can install or replace their own furnaces. Homes that need new ventilation and other components, however, may pose too much of a challenge for most homeowners.


To install a furnace, first determine the type of furnace you want to install. There are two major types of furnaces: gas furnaces and electric furnaces. Gather all tools and materials before getting started. Assess the home to know how old the windows are, the type of insulation present and if ther


According to Angie's List as of March 2015, electric furnaces typically cost between $1,000 and $2,000 to install, which is significantly cheaper than other types of furnaces. However, electric furnaces are generally more expensive to run than fuel-fired furnaces.


To reduce the costs of new furnace installation, buy a unit that is appropriately efficient and no larger than the size of home requires. To make sure of the best deal, obtain at least three estimates and negotiate with the heating contractor rather than accepting the first quote.


As of 2015, a new furnace generally costs between about $1,950 and $5,800. The price is greatly affected by the type of furnace, location, energy efficiency and installation effort.


The most common furnaces are natural gas furnaces and range in price from about $2,500 to $14,000 depending on the size. Oil furnaces are a bit more affordable but less efficient. They cost from $2,000 to $8,000 and may be more expensive to install.


Electric furnaces typically cost more to run than their counterparts that burn fossil fuel, which makes them an inefficient financial choice. While they tout high efficiency ratings, efficiency losses at the power plant and during transmission drive up their operating costs.


As of 2015, Home Advisor says that furnace repair costs average $200 per year in the United States. The cost to clean a furnace depends on its age, how well it has been maintained, and the availability of filters and other parts that may need to be replaced.


An existing compatible duct system must be in place to connect an electric furnace to. The new electric furnace also needs a suitable power outlet to connect to and the right type of connectors.